When the Cold Brew Hits


What does When the Cold Brew Hits mean?

When that cold brew hits is a line from the advertisement for Arctic Dogs, an animated motion picture.

The commercial depicts a bear character from the movie, PB drink some ice coffee and slide off a snowy ramp, flying off.

The advertisement has spawned numerous parodies online.

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What's the origin of When the Cold Brew Hits?

The phrase was first featured in a Twitter ad, shared by the account of Arctic Dogs on Septemer 29th, 2019, depicting PB (voiced by Alec Baldwin) drinking some coffee and sliding off of a snowy cliff.

“When the cold brew hits” would soon be featured in memes not long after the original ad was tweeted.

Spread & Usage

How did When the Cold Brew Hits spread?

Many parodies were uploaded to YouTube within the following month, including edits and versions with Ear Rape audio.

The phenomenon appeared in Reddit posts in November, 2019.

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