Where He Did It To Em


What does Where He Did It To Em mean?

Where he did it to em is a meme that was part of a series of jokes, made about a certain Twitter post featuring a guy with a somewhat funny body posture.

The post featured a photo of the user, posing in front of his driveway with the caption: you know I had to do it to em”.

A series of exploitables and photoshop edits were created in the wake of the original tweet.

Where he did it to em is themed by visiting the same location and recreating the original picture.

Sacred Grounds

You know I had to do it to em


What's the origin of Where He Did It To Em?

The original Twitter post was created by LuckyLuciano17k in 2014.

“Where he did it to em-style” exploitables started out parallel to when the original meme became popular.

Spread & Usage

How did Where He Did It To Em spread?

Initially the format was introduced in meme-sharing communities on Tumblr and Reddit starting from 2016.

In 2018, Where he did it to em became a big trend among YouTubers and was featured in a number of videos around that time.

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