Who is She?


What does Who is She? mean?

Who is she? refers to a series of image macro memes, combined with the question “who is she?”.

The memes usually feature pictures of people in humorous contexts, animals or inanimate objects.

The question “who is she?” is said ironically in order to express romantic interest toward the object of the picture.


What's the origin of Who is She??

“Who is she” first appeared on Urban Dictionary in 2007.

While the exact origin of the “who is she?” meme is unknown, an early occurrence comes from a 2014 Tumblr post, which depicted a perfectly timed photo of a toad, with a girl behind it, resulting in the illusion of a girl with a toad face.

A comment under the post said “who is she”.

Spread & Usage

How did Who is She? spread?

Following 2014, photos of animals, plants and objects were appearing on Tumblr regularly, paired with “who is she?”.

In 2015, an article published by The Daily Dot would take on the topic of the meme.

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