Who Killed Hannibal?


What does Who Killed Hannibal? mean?

Who killed Hannibal? is a memorable quote from The Eric Andre Show which became a popular object labeling image macro.

The meme is also referred to as Eric Andre Shooting Hannibal Burres and the subtitle captions are often modified to Why would X do this?

The original scene depicts Eric Andre firing two clips at Hannibal Burres then turning toward the audience, posing the question โ€œWho killed Hannibal?โ€.

Who Killed Hannibal – Meme Template


What's the origin of Who Killed Hannibal??

The original scene was seen in the 6th Episode of Season 2 of The Eric Andre Show, which first aired on Adult Swim on August 13th, 2013.

In one of the stand-up scenes, Eric Andre is joking about Hannibal Burres then proceeds to turn around, fire two clips in the man and ask โ€œWho killed Hannibal?โ€.

Spread & Usage

How did Who Killed Hannibal? spread?

The first object labeling image macros started emerging on the r/dankmemes sub of Reddit in April, 2018.

Still in April, โ€œWho killed Hannibal?โ€ spread to various other subreddits, like r/MemeEconomy.

During the following months, the format would spread to other sites, like Imgur, 9GAG, as well as Facebook and Instagram.

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