Who Would Win?


What does Who Would Win? mean?

Who would win is an image macro meme series, in which people hypothesize a battle between two adversaries.

who would win?


What's the origin of Who Would Win??

One of the earliest instances of the meme occurred in 2010 on 4chan.

The said thread was asking users to theorize about the outcome of a battle between Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series and Sam Fisher from Tom Clancy’s works.

A screen capture taken of the thread was posted on FunnyJunk not long after, marking the beginning in the life of the meme.

Spread & Usage

How did Who Would Win? spread?

In 2014, the image macro started making appearances more often on 4chan.

Two iconic posts from the time are the “1000 US Marines vs a stick” and the “Jet fuel vs Steel Beams”.

The meme appeared on Tumblr in May, 2015, however, it didn’t spread on to Reddit until August, 2016.

In 2017, “Who would win?” had developed a new variation, in which UNITINU-style mirrored pictures were compared in a fight.

Memes of this kind were created of Barack Obama, Adolf Hitler as well as Stalin.

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