Why Are You Running


What does Why Are You Running mean?

Why are you running is a movie quote referring to a scene taken from a Nigerian film titled Pretty Liars 1.

The scene features a lady running away from a man who is getting out of his car.

The man, seemingly surprised by the woman’s reaction upon seeing him, yells “Why are you running?” in a thick Nigerian accent.

Several remixes were created on Vine and YouTubeover the years. Why are you running also became associated with the popular Ugandan Knuckles meme as well.


What's the origin of Why Are You Running?

The clip originates from the 2010 Nollywood movie Pretty Liars 1.

There is not much information online about the movie, but it is believed that the intention of the creators was to produce a movie that is both a film drama and a docu-reality.

The film was discovered by meme creators around 2014 when clips of the movie started to appear on YouTube.

Spread & Usage

How did Why Are You Running spread?

The quote went viral in 2016 after user sam iglesia uploaded a short version of the scene to Vine, reaching over a million of views in only a few days.

Eventually video remixes started to flood both Vine and YouTube, creating a huge hype around the phenomenon.

After a short decline in popularity, the clip saw a revival by the Ugandan Knuckles meme, which featured why are you running as its key element.

In 2019, DJ Eddiebeatz uploaded his music remix on why are you running which later became the foundation of a TikTok dance trend.

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