Why Can’t I Hold All These Limes?


What does Why Can’t I Hold All These Limes? mean?

Why Can’t I Hold All These Limes? refers to a series of image macros, depicting a man carrying a handful of limes, which are falling out of his grasp.

Numerous variations of the meme feature other characters who are also incapable of holding a bunch of objects, or who are indeed able to hold a large amount of limes.

The meme is similar to the The What image macro, due to the fact that both of them come from supermarket ads.



What's the origin of Why Can’t I Hold All These Limes??

The exact origin of the image macro itself is unknown, although it is widely attributed to 4chan, this, however cannot be confirmed, due to a lack of archives.

The photo comes from an ad for George clothing, found in Walmart as well as ASDA.

The man holding a lime has been in such supermarkets since at least 2010.

Spread & Usage

How did Why Can’t I Hold All These Limes? spread?

An early occurrence of the “Why Can’t I Hold All These Limes?” meme was uploaded to FunnyJunk on July 24th, 2010.

It would spread on to numerous websites during the early 2010’s, appearing on pages such as 4chan, Reddit as well as Imgur.

The meme was as popualr format in the early 2010s, appearing on meme sites, forums and message boards, inspiring countless variations, both in terms of text, as well as image macro.

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