Why Must You Hurt Me In This Way


What does Why Must You Hurt Me In This Way mean?

Why must you hurt me this way is a reaction image meme that is based on a 2006 Harry Potter YouTube parody video.

The video features puppets of the most iconic Harry Potter characters interacting with each other. One scene has puppet Ron asking Harry why he must hurt him the way he does. A screenshot was taken of Ron’s puppet and was made into a reaction meme in online communities.


What's the origin of Why Must You Hurt Me In This Way?

The original video, titled Potter Puppet Pals: The Wizard of Angst, was created by Neil Ciciega, who uploaded the parody on YouTube in 2006.

The video has generated a stunning 25 million views since it’s upload.

Spread & Usage

How did Why Must You Hurt Me In This Way spread?

In 2014, a Tumblr blogger called ohhaiitsarielle shared the screenshot of puppet Ron from the scene, with subtitles added on. It became an instant success on the platform and saw a great amount of reblogs.

Eventually why you must hurt me this way was posted on iFunny and Reddit during the following years.

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