Would You Like To Know More


What does Would You Like To Know More mean?

Would you like to know more is an exploitable meme template that refers to the 1997 sci-fi movie Starship Troopers.

It is often used as a reaction in situations where somebody provides us excess information in a non-relevant topic.

The movie inspired several kinds of different memes. Would you like to know more is one great example of those interpretations.

Had no idea NPH was in Starship Troopers…


What's the origin of Would You Like To Know More?

The movie’s plot circles around an alien invasion that threatens Earth’s human civilization.

In preparation of the threat, the government frequently broadcasts informative advertisements in order to recruit forces and to educate civilians about the aliens.

At the end of each ad, a brown stripe appears at the bottom of the screen, with a flashy caption asking: “Would you like to know more?”.

Spread & Usage

How did Would You Like To Know More spread?

In 2008, a compilation of these fictive adverts was uploaded on YouTube by user Bob888999222.

In 2012, Google searches regarding the meme saw a big jump, this was around the time when templates of the meme were added on Imgflip and Meme Generator. 

Later on, in 2017, yet another cut from one scene was uploaded to YouTube, titled “Would you like to know more?”.

The video features Neil Patrick Harris professionally terminating an alien bug in the timeframe of only a few seconds. The clip has gained over 27.280 views since its upload.

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