Would You Look at That


What does Would You Look at That mean?

Would you look at that refers to a common exclamation, used for expressing surprise and awe, beholding something unexpected.

It is closely associated with YouTube personality Ed Bassmaster, who shared numerous videos saying mostly nothing but “Would you look at that”.

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What's the origin of Would You Look at That?

The phrase “Would you look at that” has been part of the English lexicon for quite some time, although it was not used as a meme or a humorous expression, until Ed Bassmaster, known for his Butterface video.

“Would you look at that” first appeared in the Ed Bassmaster YouTube video, uploaded to the platform on November 23rd, 2010, under the title “Look At This Dog”.

The video features him approaching several people walking their dogs, saying “Would you look at that” while he’s acting in a strange manner.

Spread & Usage

How did Would You Look at That spread?

“Would you look at that” became a staple for Ed Bassmaster, appearing in several of his videos in the 2010’s.

While the line didn’t become a viral meme instantly, it was popular among his fans, appearing in some reaction image macros, as well as GIFs online.

“Would you look at that” became a popular meme in July 2015, with numerous posts appearing on sites like Imgur and Tumblr.

Since 2015, Ed Bassmaster featured the phrase in more of his videos as well.

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