Yamcha Death Pose


What does Yamcha Death Pose mean?

The Yamcha death pose (or Yamcha’s deathpose) refers to a still photo of the series Dragon Ball Z, particularly the Vegeta saga.

The image features one of the main character Yamcha’s lifeless body laying in a crater.

Online, the pose became an internet meme, as Dragon Ball Z and generally anime fans tend to use it as a symbol of weakness.

Yamcha pose


What's the origin of Yamcha Death Pose?

In the series’ 17th episode, and prior to the death scene, Yamcha, a positive character, battles members of the alien race called the Saibamen.

At the end of the battle, Yamcha suffers a fatal injury by a technique named the saibamen bomb.

The blast caused by the technique leaves his burnt body facing down, cramped in a crater.

Spread & Usage

How did Yamcha Death Pose spread?

Early on, from 2009, the image, accompanied with the catchphrase “you were Yamcha”, was used to label people who tried something impossible and failed inevitably.

Later the image was exploited by many Japanese fan-art creators on the site Pixiv.

Eventually the meme was introduced to the English-speaking internet fanbase as well, mostly through blogs found on Yahoo under 2010.

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