What does Yee mean?

“Yee” is a meme which originates from a video featuring animated dinosaurs, where an ankylosaurus is singing a song but ends up being interrupted by the tyrannosaurus rex-like dinosaur shouting “Yee”.

The dinosaur’s name is “Peek” and “Oro”, where Oro is the one who shouts “Yee”.

Oro has become the face of the meme “Yee”, due to the bad animation and sudden sound he makes.

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What's the origin of Yee?

Sometime, in the middle of 2010 somebody uploaded a video to YouTube which featured and Italian version of the dinosaur adventure, created by dingo pictures, which is a low budget knockoff of the 1988 Land Before Time animated film.

Later in early 2012, another YouTuber made a parody video of the original upload, which has become the meme we know today.

Spread & Usage

How did Yee spread?

After its first appearance “Yee” started to spread on image sharing/message board sites like Tumblr and Reddit, where the userbase started to use it to make parodies of other YouTube things, like the toy story parody made from the song “You Got A Friend In Me” by simply renaming it to “You Got A Friend In Yee”.

Later on, they face-swapped Oro in pictures and even inserted face swaps in the videos they parodied with it so it became famous all over the internet.

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