You Dare Oppose Me, Mortal


What does You Dare Oppose Me, Mortal mean?

You dare oppose me, mortal? refers to a popular image macro series, depicting distorted pictures of Thomas the Tank Engine.

It is primarily used online to joke about others disagreeing with someone.

Rosemary Barton when a candidate tries to go over their time during the debate


What's the origin of You Dare Oppose Me, Mortal?

The meme has a long lineage, as precursors image macros of Thomas the Tank Engine have been posted online since the early 2010โ€™s.

The one image macro, that has been used on the โ€œYou dare oppose me, mortal?โ€ meme was first used as an exploitable in 2014, later appearing in an earrape video in 2016.

โ€œYou dare oppose me, mortal?โ€ was first posted on Reddit on April 17th, 2019, with captions making fun of math teachers reacting to students approaching a problem from a different angle.

Spread & Usage

How did You Dare Oppose Me, Mortal spread?

The meme peaked in May, 2019, as the format would see reposts on subreddits like r/Dankmemes and r/memes as well as Twitter.

It would also appear on YouTube parodies, as well as DeviantArt artworks and humorous works.

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