You Didn’t Have To Cut Me Off


What does You Didn’t Have To Cut Me Off mean?

You didn’t have to cut me off (alternatively somebody that I used to know) refers to the lyrics of the 2011 Australian pop hit, which was produced by the songwriter Gotye, a tune that has inspired the creation of memes of various forms since its release.

Online, the song’s lyrics, as well as still images of its video clip, are most often used as reaction images, image macros, and as an exploitable.


What's the origin of You Didn’t Have To Cut Me Off?

Gotye released his song in 2011, featuring New Zealand singer Kimbra. Parallel to the tune’s release, the official video clip was also uploaded on YouTube.

The song quickly became very popular and soon it was played daily by every major radio station all over the world. The video was also accumulating massive amounts of clicks, reaching over 200 million in under a year.  

It has become an internet sensation and a common reference point in pop-culture, which has eventually led to the creation of the series of jokes around it, such as the you didn’t have to cut me off meme.

Spread & Usage

How did You Didn’t Have To Cut Me Off spread?

After years of being only a reference point, Initially Reddit was the platform where people started to get creative with the song and started to implement it into memes.

In 2018, an image macro of Gotye singing the lyrics “you didn’t have to cut me off” was uploaded to /r/Memes, implying an imaginary discussion between the uploader and his foreskin.

In 2019, a post surfaced on /r/technicallythetruth which also featured an image of Gotye from the clip, captioned “gonna tell my kids this was somebody that I used to know”.

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