You Guys Are Getting Paid?


What does You Guys Are Getting Paid? mean?

You guys are getting paid? is a memorable quote from the 2013 comedy film, We’re the Millers.

Online a screenshot of the scene is used as an image macro to express one’s surprise at the financial gains of others.

You guys are getting paid?


What's the origin of You Guys Are Getting Paid??

We’re the Millers premiered in the United States on August 3rd, 2013.

One of the scenes present the drug smugglers, posing as a family, arguing about the inequality in the payment each member receives.

The final word goes to the character, Kenny (portrayed by Will Poulter) who joins the debate with the question “You guys are getting paid?”.

Spread & Usage

How did You Guys Are Getting Paid? spread?

The meme format appeared on Reddit on January 7th, 2019, when user ibarklikeashark posted an image macro into the r/dankmemes subreddit, making a reference to the mobile game, Mafia City.

The meme had spread on to several sites, appearing in several variations, from Twitter, to Instagram to Facebook.

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