You Just Got Vectored


What does You Just Got Vectored mean?

You just got Vectored is a bait and switch meme, created with an image of Vector from Despicable Me.

The meme is similar in nature to the Beaned bait and switch joke.

Despite its pranking origin, the image became popular as a reaction image.

You just got Vectored!


What's the origin of You Just Got Vectored?

“You just got Vectored” was first posted on Reddit’s r/me_irl thread in 2017, by redditor vpurtee98.

It was based on the same template as the Beaned meme, which was popular in 2016.

Spread & Usage

How did You Just Got Vectored spread?

The prank appeared on iFunny as well as various other Reddit threads, however it didn’t become popular until 2019, when people started to use it as a reaction image on the r/dankmemes thread of Reddit.

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