You See Ivan


What does You See Ivan mean?

You see Ivan refers to a popular meme series, depicting Russian soldiers, captioned with texts about humorous lifehacks applicable on the battlefield.


What's the origin of You See Ivan?

The original “You see Ivan” image macro was uploaded to 4chan’s /vg/ board on February 3rd, 2013, depicting a screenshot from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. where a soldier is holding a pistol like a rifle.

The captions of the meme say, “You see Ivan, when hold peestol like me, you shall never shoot the inaccurate because of fear of shooting fingers.”

Spread & Usage

How did You See Ivan spread?

“You see Ivan” became popular on 4chan and it spread to FunnyJunk by October 2013.

The meme format became truly viral online in 2014, when a compilation of the format was uploaded to Imgur.

Throughout the 2010’s, “You see Ivan” image macros would appear on sites like Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, 9GAG and Instagram.

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