Your Toes, Hand Them Over


What does Your Toes, Hand Them Over mean?

Your toes, hand them over, also refers to as your toes, hand em’ over is a popular image macro series, used for joking about foot fetish.

Hand em over!


What's the origin of Your Toes, Hand Them Over?

The original “your toes, hand them over” image macro was posted on and Reddit’s r/Bossfight sub on December 16th, 2017.

It would spread quickly among meme sites and meme-related subreddits.

Spread & Usage

How did Your Toes, Hand Them Over spread?

By March, 2018, the meme would spawn numerous image macros, as well as parody videos on YouTube, like an earrape gem from February, 2018, uploaded by tilr.

The phrase would also appear as the captions on numerous variation of the meme, especially on the r/memes and r/dankmemes subreddits, as well as iFunny, and Tumblr.

“Your toes, hand them over” experienced a massive resurgence in popularity in December, 2020, as it appeared on sites like Twitter, YouTube and Reddit.

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