You’re Not My Dad


What does You’re Not My Dad mean?

You’re not my dad refers to a popular meme, originating from a child in viral Vine.

The video is also known by the hashtag #noodlehead.

The full phrase, exclaimed by the child goes “You’re not my dad! Always wanna hear something! Ugly *ss f**ng noodlehead”.

Both “You’re not my head” and “noodlehead” became popular references to the Vine, appearing in YouTube parody mashups and Vines.


What's the origin of You’re Not My Dad?

The original video was uploaded to Vine by Jessi Lockett on November 16th, 2014.

It would rapidly spread both on Vine and other video sharing platforms, like YouTube.

An early YouTube upload was issued by user KyleCOOLman on January 10th, 2015, with the title “You’re Not My Dad Vine”.

Spread & Usage

How did You’re Not My Dad spread?

By February 2015, the meme would see parodies, mashups and remixes spawning on sites like Vine, YouTube and even SoundCloud.

The trend would remain viral until the summer of 2015, with GIFs and image macros also appearing on various sites like 9GAG and iFunny.

As of 2021, the most popular Google trend, regarding “You’re not my dad” is you’re not my dad kid now, which brings up search results of internet personalities finding the identity of the child, as well as content he is displayed on.

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