420 Friendly


What does 420 Friendly mean?

420 friendly is a slang expression, mostly encountered on online ads, be it personal or for a product.

It means that the person is accepting toward cannabis possession and use.


What's the origin of 420 Friendly?

The legend of 420 can be traced back to the 1970’s, when cannabis was still illegal and heavily persecuted in the US.

Pot users of the time would have to resort to using code for their smoking habits.

This was the case with “The Waldos” of San Rafael, California who are credited with creating the expression.

The story goes that their time of meeting and getting stoned was 4:20 PM which number became synonymous with getting lifted.

420 would be popularized by the Grateful Dead who encountered the code once in San Rafael.

“420 friendly” would start showing up on ads online in 2003, with people hinting that they are open minded about the kush bush.

Spread & Usage

How did 420 Friendly spread?

Today, “420 friendly” can be encountered anywhere people make ads about themselves, their possessions as well as their place.

Common examples are Tinder where people signal that they would be tolerant of their match’s smoking habits; Airbnb where hosts hint that their abode is stoner friendly and Craigslist where one can look for anything weed related, be it a bong or a stoner flat mate.

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