8 Ball of Coke


What does 8 Ball of Coke mean?

An 8 Ball of Coke, pronounced “eightball of coke” is exactly 3.5 grams of cocaine.

It is called an “8 Ball” because it is ⅛ of an ounce.

The name also provides more secrecy than to refer to the exact grams of the illicit drugs.

Exactly why it is called 8 “ball” is likely a coincidental association with an 8-Ball in Pools.

It can also stem from the fact that good quality cocaine usually comes packed densely in rocks or bigger chunks, not powder like the shitty, cut version.

In that case, it would be a ⅛ ounce “ball” of cocaine.


What's the origin of 8 Ball of Coke?

The phrase was first seen on print in the mid-80’s, but was likely used by dealers and users for years before law enforcement caught up.

It’s first public mention was in the newspaper The Post-Crescent in 1985: ‘Cuthbert allegedly sold “an eight ball of cocaine” to an undercover agent for $350.’

Spread & Usage

How did 8 Ball of Coke spread?

The term is frequently used when purchasing cocaine and other bagged drugs from a dealer, and is favoured because of discretion and conveniency.

Pop-culture soon adopted the term, and rappers such as Snoop Dogg and Afroman have repeatedly mentioned it in their music.

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