What does Aggy mean?

Aggy is a slang term with several meanings depending on the geographical region and context it is used in.

In most cases, “aggy” is used as a slang expression for annoying, agitating or aggravating. It may refer to a person or a situation.

In the United Kingdom, “aggy” conveys a different meaning, describing a person that is aggressively angry.


What's the origin of Aggy?

Originally, “Aggy” was a name given to pets, coming from the name Agnes.

During the 19th and early 20th century, “aggy” was utilized as slang for agricultural schools, especially the colleges, as well as the students attending them.

A notable institution is the Texas A&M University, who was bestowed the nickname “Aggies.”

Spread & Usage

How did Aggy spread?

The current meaning of “aggy” was most popularized by Hip Hop music in the early days of the new millennium.

The alternate use of the term in the British Isles also surfaced around this period of time.

Yet another use for “aggy” is in the criminal underground, where the term is used as a slang expression for “aggravated burglary” which is forcing one’s way into a home, savagely, with the intent of robbing the place.

The first article on the subject was uploaded to Urban Dictionary in 2004.

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