What does Amirite mean?

Amirite is the phonetic spelling of the question “Am I right?”.

In some cases you could use the slang term to check if your facts are correct, however, most of its users ask it as a rhetorical question, after a statement that they are certain is true.

It is often said in a sarcastic tone, and is only written in such a way on the internet.

The term includes a series of internet shorthand writings, such as the grammatically incorrect small “i”, rather than the capital “I” when referring to yourself, as well as the purposely misspelled “rite” instead of “right”.

Writing “amirite” instead of “Am I right?” might save you a full 0.5 second – precious time when communicating online.


What's the origin of Amirite?

A precursor to “amirite”, written am i rite (including spaces) can be seen all the way back in 1990, in a Usenet group. Back in the 90’s it was just a friendly request for feedback.

The first instance of “amirite” with no spaces showed up in 1998, before being defined on Urban Dictionary as early as 2003.

Spread & Usage

How did Amirite spread?

Around 2005, the term changed from being a question looking for validation, to being used in a sarcastic manner when you already know the answer to something.

The concept of “amirite” as a rhetorical question took off so well that in 2012, the webpage named Amirite launched. Amirite is a platform where people can post their personal opinions – often controversial ones – and people can vote whether they agree with the statement or not.

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