What does Angsty mean?

To be Angsty means that you have a feeling of anxiety, dread and anguish regarding your current situation or for the future.

Teenagers are known to be Angsty, especially when they are in the middle of puberty and are getting a taste of the real adult life.

An Angsty person will feel like everything is utter shit around them, and they cannot do anything about it, because it’s all everyone else’s fault.

And because it’s everyone else’s fault, I’m gonna act up and do stupid things for attention.

Not to be confused with Anxiety as a mental illness. Angsty is more of an emotional state.


What's the origin of Angsty?

Angsty is derived from anxiety, but has a slightly different meaning. It shares some of the same emotions, but not enough to be called straight up anxiety.

Hence; Angsty.

“He doesn’t have anxiety, he’s just a bit Angsty.”

Spread & Usage

How did Angsty spread?

The term is used online to make fun of spoiled teenagers who have gotten a taste of adult life and think everything is awful – not knowing how much worse it can actually get.

It is often misunderstood to be synonymous with “anxious”.

People will call someone Angsty if they are behaving unnecessarily dramatic, being an annoyance to people around them.

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