What does 177013 mean?

177013 refers to the hentai manga Metamorphosis, also recognized by the title Emergence.

The hentai is notorious online due to its daunting, dark nature, envisioned by ShindoL.

The number โ€œ177013โ€ refers to the page number where the manga can be found on nhentai.net.


What's the origin of 177013?

The hentai originally ran between July 2013, and March, 2016.

It revolves around the transformation of a reclusive, nerdy girl into a drug addicted prostitute.

Starting in 2016, several discussions and meme started emerging about Emergence, and the depressive nature of its plot.

โ€œ177013โ€ would become a widespread reference for the manga, appearing on Reddit, 4chan and YouTube.

Spread & Usage

How did 177013 spread?

โ€œ177013โ€ would become the most popular on the r/animemes subreddit, being featured on image macros and exploitables.

The popularity and the notoriously grim ending of the hentai has led to the creation of an alternate ending, involving characters from JoJoโ€™s Bizarre Adventure, who give Saki Yoshida, the protagonist of Metamorphosis a fresh start.

This alternate ending is widely referred to by the numbers 265918, which were included in various memes, that are usually praising or thanking the creator of the alternate finale.

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