Absolute Territory


What does Absolute Territory mean?

The Absolute Territory is the gap of bare thighs in between the top of long, knee-high socks, and below a mini skirt.

It is perceived as an extremely attractive feature, even though it is technically showing less nude skin than if the person didn’t wear the knee-high socks at all.

It was made famous by loli’s – young, female Japanese cartoon characters, often wearing clothes inspired by traditional school uniforms.

Some will say that solely showing off the Absolute Territory is much more sexually attractive than more nudity.

The famous, black stay-up stockings with lace on top are also known to enhance the Absolute Territory.

She’s an absolute terror for Absolute Territory.


What's the origin of Absolute Territory?

Originated from the Japanese term Zettai ryōiki, translated into Absolute Territory.

It started as an otaku slang as a reference to the intimate gap often seen on attractive characters in the Japanese cartoons.

Otaku is the common term for people who are excessively consumed by anime and manga.

As the usage of the term increased, it consequently spread to the common tongue in Japan.

Spread & Usage

How did Absolute Territory spread?

Musician Ken Ashcorp released the song “Absolute Territory” in 2013 on YouTube where it got several hundred-thousand likes.

There is a sexual fetish for the Absolute Territory, and it is often interconnected with the school girl fetish.

Online adult entertainments feature videos with extra focus on this specific area.

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