What does Amourshipping mean?

Amourshipping is the term that is used to refer to fan theories and art regarding the romantic relationship between the two Pokémon protagonist characters Ash and Serena.

These fan-made ideas of the romance between the main characters are really popular among the anime’s fandom.

However, the theories have been officially confirmed to be false by the authors of the series.


What's the origin of Amourshipping?

The theories root from Pokémon’s 17th season that takes the viewer on a journey with Ash and his friend Serena.

The term emerged not long before the season aired in Japan in 2013. It was invented by fans who were speculating over a possible love relationship between the two characters, based on the teasers, lore, and trailers that were released prior to the season.

Spread & Usage

How did Amourshipping spread?

The term first started to circulate mostly on Japanese Pokémon fandom sites, and eventually earned enough recognition to receive a section of its own on the anime’s official Wiki called Bulbapedia.

In 2014, an official subreddit was launched, titled /r/AmourShipping. On forums like this, fans mostly contemplate the ideas behind the supposed romance.

Fan-arts, on the other hand, have been mostly prominent on sites like Pinterest and DeviantART.

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