Anime Glasses


What does Anime Glasses mean?

Anime glasses is the name of the phenomenon that is in close relations with anime and manga culture.

Especially in anime, if a character’s glasses start to glow up, it generally signals that either the character is about to use a supernatural power, or they are planning something cunning.

Usually it also includes the character adjusting the glasses with one finger.

Whenever we see this anomaly happening, we call it anime glasses or scary shiny glasses.

People doing the anime glasses thing


What's the origin of Anime Glasses?

It cannot be surely said which anime used this motif as first, but there are several examples taken from the scenes of mainstream anime.

Gendo Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Aizen from Bleach and Professor Souichi Tomoe from Sailor Moon were all at some point subjected to an episode of anime glasses.

This shows that the term is independent from any moral characteristics and is only representing an overpowering force’s presence.

Spread & Usage

How did Anime Glasses spread?

On the internet, anime glasses first gained reputation in 2006, when users on Tumblr started to make threads about editing their own glasses to acquire the desired effect.

Several sketches and compilations were uploaded to YoutTube the following years regarding anime glasses.

In 2018, Twitter user named @dekantsu fabricated a DIY version of glow-up glasses, and uploaded the result on the site: him posing with the glasses.

The picture went viral and was used in most image macros that dealt with anime glasses.

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