What does Bnha mean?

Bnha is an acronym referring to a Japanese anime and manga series, My Hero Academia.

The English transcription of the original title is Boku No Hero Academia, the use of which can trigger hardcore fans, or weebs, who jump at the slightest mistake.


What's the origin of Bnha?

The manga series started out in 2014, and is still ongoing, while the anime series started out in 2016. Shortly after the brand’s debut, fans started to refer to it with its acronymic name, maintaining secrecy and avoiding a possible mispronunciation and the repercussions coming with it.

Spread & Usage

How did Bnha spread?

Both the manga and the anime series gained great popularity and very good ratings, shortly after their release, with weebs flocking onto one more good anime to watch and one more good manga to read.

The first Urban Dictionary entry of Boku No Hero Academia was added in 2018, mocking people who call the series that way.

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