Reverse Trap


What does Reverse Trap mean?

“Trap” is a term, coined in Otaku circles, that refers to male characters who possess effeminate qualities and may even cross-dress as women. In contrast, the Reverse Trap refers to female characters disguising themselves as men while exhibiting masculine traits.

These captivating figures are also known by other monikers such as bishōnen (meaning ‘trap’) or bifauxnen (a clever blend of faux and bishōnen meaning ‘fake trap’).

Reverse trap


What's the origin of Reverse Trap?

In 2004, the term “Trap” was ingeniously coined on 4chan.

This witty creation emerged from the popular meme of Admiral Ackbar exclaiming “It’s a Trap!” to cleverly react to effeminate males masquerading as women.

Fast-forward four years later in 2008, Urban Dictionary welcomed its first definition for “Reverse Trap.”

Spread & Usage

How did Reverse Trap spread?

Throughout the 2010s, meme enthusiasts have wholeheartedly embraced traps and “Reverse Traps,” spawning a plethora of humorous content centered around this theme across various online communities.

Notably, both 4chan and Reddit are hotspots for anime-inspired memes featuring characters with gender-bending traits.

These “Trap” and “Reverse Trap” characters are especially popular in anime and manga fandoms, even extending to hentai as well.

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