What does Truck-Kun mean?

Truck-kun, also referred to as Truck-sama or Truck-chan is a popular moniker given to trucks and camions which are involved in fatal accidents in anime and manga series.

It started seeing widespread use, after users on the r/manga subreddit realized that truck accidents were used as a device for propelling the plot.


What's the origin of Truck-Kun?

An early case of “Truck-kun” emerged in April, 2015, in a thread titled “Trucks in Manga” in the r/manga subreddit.

A comment, written by Reddit user shwag945 said “oh truck-kun you are my favorite plot device”.

Spread & Usage

How did Truck-Kun spread?

Within a short period of time, the name “Truck-kun” became a frequently used nickname for trucks, with users on Reddit as well as 4chan conversing about which character they’d introduce to “Truck-kun” as well as pondering upon the kill count of “Truck-kun”.

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