What does Westaboo mean?

While “weaboo” is a term for people who are obsessed with Japanese culture, a westaboo is a person who is obsessed with Western culture, particularly American and European society.

The “westaboo” is preoccupied with comics, cartoons and other media that stems from the West, and often has a storyline based in the West.

For the “westaboo”, Western countries are superior in every single way, and is willing to fight if you have any other opinion.

The “westaboo” is often located in comic book stores, at comic-con dressed up as their favorite, often white, superhero, or fanboying over the latest new Hollywood film.


What's the origin of Westaboo?

A portmanteau of the term “West”, and the slang antonym “weaboo”, created because if there is a term that defines people who are in love with Japanese pop-culture, there should be a name for the Western equivalent.

It first appeared around 2009, but was barely used before 2015.

Spread & Usage

How did Westaboo spread?

Just as the term “weaboo” is mainly used about non-Japanese people who admire Japanese culture, “westaboo” mainly defines people of non-Western origin that admire Western culture, particularly Asians.

A definition of the term and the type of people who dedicate themselves to be “westaboos” can be found on the webpage “Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms”.

On the same page you can find a cut from a cartoon featuring an Asian character saying “Why couldn’t I have been born in the U.S.A?”, captioned “How they would behave. What in tarnation!”

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