Arabian Goggles


What does Arabian Goggles mean?

Arabian goggles is one of the typical party pranks, you play on your knocked out friend, after the vodka had already taken the best of them.

It is easily performed, if you’re a man; you just have to crouch over their head and place your nuts into the eye sockets of the dude.

He’ll have some wicked googly eyes, with some fly eyelashes, if you didn’t shave lately.


What's the origin of Arabian Goggles?

While the practice itself is hard to pinpoint in its origin, the term is possible.

The expression is referring to the gentlemanly behavior of Arabian husbands who, during a sandstorm, give a pair of protective goggles to their significant other(s).

Spread & Usage

How did Arabian Goggles spread?

The term is widely known, as it is one of the most famous party pranks, you can pull on your friend, beside the classic permanent marker tattoos.

It has been defined on Urban Dictionary as early as 2004, leading to the further spread of the expression, over the internet.

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