Banana For Scale


What does Banana For Scale mean?

The earliest case of “banana for scale” emerged on the blogsite Rockdogdesigns on March 30th, 2005 in the description of a television offered for sale.

The description read:

“I don’t know how big the screen is, we’re moving and I can’t find the tape measurer. But I do have a banana. For scale. Oh wait, my husband says it’s 19inches. Oh well, I’ll leave the banana for interest. Please be interested.”


What's the origin of Banana For Scale?

The phenomenon would occur on a variety of sites in the following years, especially after 2010.

These include posts on Facebook, Imgur and Reddit as well as blogs like HowToBeaDad.

Starting in 2013, the meme was taken one step further, with people publishing pictures, using various objects for scale like Guitar for Temperature or Double Bed for Scale.

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