Banana Hammock


What does Banana Hammock mean?

The term “banana hammock” is a tight fitting swimsuit for men, sometimes it’s similar to man briefs, but they are usually thong like pants.

The name comes from referencing to the penis as banana, because you can see it in full display when a man wearing these on the beach or at a swimming pool.

Lots of the women find it sexually intense, but it’s just like with everything else, some of them like it, while others don’t.

They didn’t get kicked out last week….banana hammock boys back at it!


What's the origin of Banana Hammock?

“banana hammock” has first appeared in 1990. in the magazine Newsweek, where they refer to “banana hammock” as a man’s bikini style bathing suit.

The term “banana hammock” out of its context today, first appeared in the poem of Oberon king of the fairies in 1870, and a same name was also used by a company called “banana hammock inc.” who is selling hammocks.

Spread & Usage

How did Banana Hammock spread?

The term “banana hammock” has gained popularity thanks to Tv series like “Scrubs” and “Friends” where there was an episode featuring the swimsuit worn by a character, but thanks to the movie Borat, the popularity of the “banana hammock” swimsuit has skyrocketed.

There are some controversies around these kinds of swimsuits, where a certain type of woman, would do anything to hide/get rid of these and not to show these to their children.

This type of women on the internet is called a “Karen”.

They have a very specific type of haircut, show up from out of nowhere with two kids and demand to speak to the manager of given establishment as they always complain about something.

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