Bearer Of Bad News


What does Bearer Of Bad News mean?

The idiom Bearer Of Bad News is someone who is responsible for delivering the bad news.

It is almost like the phrase “I hate to break it to you”, which is also an introductory warning that the bearer says before the bad news.

There are several alternative words or phrases that are used as synonyms for the phrase “bearer of bad news.”

Some of the words or phrases you could use instead include, “carrier of bad tidings” or maybe “messenger of bad news.”


What's the origin of Bearer Of Bad News?

The idiomatic phrase “bearer of bad news” has probably been around since the mid-17th century, when the word “bearer” was defined as “someone who carried bodies to their graves.”

It has to be noted however that firstly the phrase was used as “bearer of bad tidings.”

It took some time until the phrase was changed to “bearer of bad news” and the two were used interchangeably as synonyms.

Spread & Usage

How did Bearer Of Bad News spread?

The idiom “bearer of bad news” spiked in its popularity and was used way more frequently than its synonyms or its alternatives. Despite its long history, the phrase is still used regularly in the 21st century by many.

The only entry submitted on the phrase “bearer of the bad news” on Urban Dictionary was in 2015 by the user A Bearer Of Bad News.

He defined the term spiced with some irony as “I hate to break it to you, but if you don’t know what this term means, you are a dumbass.”

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