Birds Aren’t Real


What does Birds Aren’t Real mean?

Birds Aren’t Real refers to a conspiracy movement, dating back to 1976.

Initially, the goal of the movement was to prevent the mass genocide of birds, by the United States government, although they claim to have failed that, and now they are trying to enlighten people to a great conspiracy; that all birds were replaced by robotic surveillance drones.

The movement originated from Chicago and is now present in several cities across the continental United States.


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What's the origin of Birds Aren’t Real?

The movement claims to have been founded in 1976, with the objective of preventing the government of genociding avian animals; birds.

According to “Birds Aren’t Real” this objective had failed, as in 2001, the government had successfully killed and replaced every bird with a flying surveillance drone.

The movement first appears online in 2017, when “Birds Aren’t Real” appears on a website, YouTube channel, as well as an Instagram and Twitter page, where people may follow the latest news about the missive.

The movement is highly linked to Peter McIndoe, who had appeared in several television interviews, related to “Birds Aren’t Real” as well as in a lot of content from the social media sites of the campaign.

Spread & Usage

How did Birds Aren’t Real spread?

Following 2017, a lot of followers rallied behind the flags of the missive and dedicated their time and efforts to raising awareness on the absence of real birds.

The movement is present in over fifty cities, as of 2020 and it looks like it may grow even bigger, all throughout America.

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