Blinker Fluid


What does Blinker Fluid mean?

Blinker Fluid, alternatively known as headlight fluid is an imaginary material, that is said to be the fuel for the turn signal of cars.

The turn signal, however is using electricity, thus “blinker fluid” is an expression used to mock or highlight the ignorance of the novice car driver by the expert.

It is mostly used in humorous contexts, however it can also be used by dishonest mechanics to find out about the clients’ knowledge of cars, to see if they can be swindled by fake services and repairs.

Similar fake car parts and materials and services are fallopian tubes, prop wash, and the 710 cap.

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What's the origin of Blinker Fluid?

The prank has been around for a long while, thanks to the large popularity and presence of automotive transport, however, the origin of the phrase is unclear.

The most likely source is headlight fluid, which first appeared in a prank call, made by Detroit’s Channel 955.

“Blinker fluid” first appeared on Google search trends in 2004 and was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2005, although it has been parents’ tool for exploiting their kids’ ignorance for fun for years already.

“Blinker fluid” can be closely tied to the argot of truckers, who were joking with each other on their CBs for a long time.

Spread & Usage

How did Blinker Fluid spread?

The popularity of the expression grew with the number of cars in the world, at the expense of the inept and naïve drivers, who are the prey of the imaginary material.

“Blinker fluid” is a highly discussed topic on the web, with various articles and forum threads discussing the meaning behind the phrase, enlightening those vulnerable to their lack of knowledge.

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