Boo Boo the Fool


What does Boo Boo the Fool mean?

Boo Boo the Fool is a witty reference to someone who is acting stupid or silly.

It is often used in black communities when talking about someone who is being an idiot – or referring to yourself as not being it.

A widespread example is a grown black woman, often a mother, saying: “I’m no Boo Boo the Fool”, when the kid is trying to present a lie or something suspicious.

I’m Boo Boo the Fool


What's the origin of Boo Boo the Fool?

It’s a reference to Boo Boo Bear from the famous kids show “Yogi Bears”.

He first appeared on the show in 1961, and the reason why he is associated with stupidity is because he was trying to stop another character – “Yogi Bear” – from stealing picnic baskets, but instead he would end up with part of the blame himself.

This would make him look foolish.

Spread & Usage

How did Boo Boo the Fool spread?

In 2016 the name was referred to as a “black woman proverb” on tumblr, gainging huge popularity, and resulting in a growth in the use of the slang.

Numerous memes are currently circulating the internet, either referring to someone else as the fool, or themselves.

The slang had a significant peak on the internet in 2019, before rapidly decreasing in popularity.

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