What does Bruv mean?

The meaning of the term Bruv is simply brother. It is a shorter version of “bruvva” which is one of the many slang variations of brother.

The term is very common in London, more specifically in the Southern part of London, where usually people say V or F instead of TH.

The term is used to address another male that the speaker shares a bond with or a very strong friendship.


What's the origin of Bruv?

Since men calling each other “brother” is not a new phenomenon, the popularity of the word and its variations is not a surprise.

However, the slang “bruv” was widely used around the 1970s and 80s in Black American culture and speech.

“Bruv” is a great way to express the brotherhood and bond between fellow men among the black community.

Spread & Usage

How did Bruv spread?

“Bruv” as a slang variation of brother is probably the most common one, but there are others that share a similar meaning and purpose such as “bro”, “cuz” or “blud”.

Nowadays, the term can be found in many different contexts. For instance, the famous tv show Big Brother has been referred to as “Big Bruv” in lots of magazines and newspapers.

As of 08.06.2020, on Urban Dictionary there have been in total 38 entries submitted on the term.

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