Cake Farts


What does Cake Farts mean?

Cake Farts is the title of a viral shock video and later shock site, of a woman sitting and farting on top of a chocolate cake.

The video became an instant sensation and a large amount of reaction videos were created and uploaded on YouTube.


What's the origin of Cake Farts?

Fart fetish videos had been circulating on the internet already around 2005, on a global scale.

The single serving site, was created in 2008 and contains the original video of a woman asking “You know what I like the most?” then proceeding to sit and fart on her homemade chocolate cake.

Spread & Usage

How did Cake Farts spread?

The shock video spread like wildfire and became an instant success on the web.

In the same year of its upload, Vice had written an article of appreciation about the content.

Various people also started to upload reaction videos on YouTube and other platforms where, due to the Not Safe for Work nature of the content, the video itself didn’t appear, further increasing the curiosity of people of what “cake farts” are.

The original website is no longer available, however the video can still be viewed on PornHub, still tempting the curious.

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