Cake Farts


What does Cake Farts mean?

The meaning behind the term Cake Farts is really simple – it refers to a viral shock video of a woman farting on a chocolate cake. The video was presumably made to satisfy the very niche fetish of releasing gases onto a bakery product.

The video quickly became an internet sensation and spawned many reaction videos and memes on sites like 4chan, 9GAG and Reddit.

The phrase was later used as the title for its own shock site, further popularizing the meme.

cake farts


What's the origin of Cake Farts?

“Cake Farts” fetish videos have been circulating around the internet before 2008; however, the expression was raised to a meme status only in that year.

It all started with a single serving website called, which featured the iconic video of a woman sitting on her homemade chocolate cake and then proceeding to fart on it. After this video went viral, it became one of the most beloved memes of 2008.

“Cake Farts” didn’t need a lot of time to begin spreading like wildfire.

Spread & Usage

How did Cake Farts spread?

It soon began popping up across various platforms such as 9GAG and from there, the “Cake Farts” meme was established.

In the following months, “Cake Farts” has become a staple in internet culture, with many people sharing their own renditions of the meme on sites like iFunny, FunnyJunk, 4chan and Reddit.

In the same year of its upload, even Vice News had written an article of appreciation about the content.

Various people also started to upload reaction videos on YouTube and other platforms where, due to the Not Safe for Work nature of the content, the video itself didn’t appear, further increasing the curiosity of people about “Cake Farts.”

The original website is no longer available. However, the video can still be viewed on various Pr0n sites, still tempting the curious.

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