What does Cappin’ mean?

When someone is Cappin’ it means that they are lying or bullshitting about something that would increase their status.

You could be Cappin’ about having a crazy sex life and having sexy women running after you all day, or you could be Cappin’ about how you are so rich you just went and bought an expensive car, while in fact, you are in massive debt.

It is normally an arrogant, attention seeking person who will lie about these superficial things.

Cappin’ is synonymous to other slangs like “flexing”, “show off”, “stunt”, “flossin’” or “bullshittin’”.


What's the origin of Cappin’?

The original meaning of the word Capping is used in mining situations for when someone is overburdened or overloaded.

Cappin’ as a slang seems to have been derived from this, stating that the person is “overloading” the truth.

The term started out as “high cappin’” in the 80’s, before being shortened to just Cappin’.

Spread & Usage

How did Cappin’ spread?

It is mostly used in various states in the US by people of all ages.

Previously rich people that has lost their wealth are known to be Cappin’ so that their rich friends don’t realize they are now poor.

Pyramid scheme and MLM distributors will also be Cappin’ to show off how rich their job made them, while more often than not, they are in great debt because of the products they couldn’t sell.

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