Catch These Hands


What does Catch These Hands mean?

Catch these hands is a slang expression used to incentivize other to start a fight with us.

The expression eludes to the fact that once we take a swing with our fists, our foe will catch it with his face.


What's the origin of Catch These Hands?

“Catch these hands” is mostly attributed to Braun Strowman of WWE, who eagerly used the expression as his catchphrase in the wrestling show.

During the 2000’s, when WWE was peaking in its popularity, the phrase would be used on schoolyards, streets as well as households, between fraternal fights.

Spread & Usage

How did Catch These Hands spread?

Following 2010, the popularity of the phrase grew even bigger, especially after the first Urban Dictionary entry on “catch these hands”, which appeared in 2014.

It would appear in various image macro memes on sites like Reddit, iFunny as well as 9GAG and Facebook.

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