What does Caucasity mean?

Caucasity is the audacity of Caucasian people.

It’s all the crazy, stupid, bold risks only white people are willing to take because they know they are likely to get away with it, while people of colour might not.

It is arrogant, entitled behaviour strengthened by white privilege.

For example, white teens stealing gum from the shop just for the thrill of it. Where they might get a warning, a black kid might have gotten shot.

“Caucasity” is particularly prominent in developing countries such as the US.

It can also describe less serious scenarios, like when a white person has the “caucasity” to say ketchup is spicy. If a black person tells their family that they think ketchup is spicy, they will almost certainly get roasted.


What's the origin of Caucasity?

“Caucasity” is a portmanteau of the words “Caucasian” and “audacity”.

Caucasian is another word for a white person, and audacity is defined as confidence that other people find shocking or rude.

The term was first mentioned on The Bodega Boys podcast, released by Desus Nice and co-host The Kid Mero in 2015.

Spread & Usage

How did Caucasity spread?

“Caucasity” is a humorous but also somewhat derogatory slang towards white people and stupid things they do.

Therefore it’s only natural that its mainly used by people of colour.

The term is controversial in the way that some call it racism or reverse-racism, while others argue that you cannot be racist towards white people because they are the oppressors.

Around 2018, reaction memes mainly featuring text started appearing, showing the text “The Caucasity” in big, bold, coloured letters. POC and allies use this meme as a reaction to stupid, racist posts by white people.

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