What does Chooch mean?

Chooch is yet another synonym for idiot, fool, moron or just stupid in general, just in case you are running out of things to call other incompetent people.

The word is predominantly utilized in the United States.


What's the origin of Chooch?

The term originates from the Italian word for pacifier; ciuccio, which, in southern Italy is carrying another connotation, namely jackass.

It had arrived with the immigrants from the Apennine peninsula in the late 18th to early 20th century.

Spread & Usage

How did Chooch spread?

Thanks to the massive amounts of Italian immigrants in America, following the Great Depression, the word consequently embedded itself into the spoken lingo of the East Coast.

The term, chooch had even served as the title for a 2001 film; Chooch, which sadly got a score of 4 on the IMDb rating.

Chooch had been a part of the Urban Dictionary archives since 2003 and several other entries tried enlightening the seekers of wisdom, however chooch is still relatively rarely seen, as it is still being predominantly present in the Eastern States of the US.

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