What does Clopping mean?

Clopping is an onomatopoetic word that imitates the sounds of horse hooves, when the animal is moving on a hard surface like rocks, stones or concrete.

The term, however had received a new meaning with the era of the internet, as several people on the web associated it with the sound fapping which is the imitative sound of a self-satisfying person.

“Clopping” is presumably the sound that a masturbating pony is producing; it’s moving on some hard surface, one way or another.


What's the origin of Clopping?

The word “clopping” had been in use on the continental United States since the mid-1800’s, the golden age of outlaws and cowboys, who traversed the uncharted lands of the West on the backs of their hooved companions.

The first recorded case of the term comes from the end of the century; in the 1890’s.

Spread & Usage

How did Clopping spread?

The word had spread all across the Anglosphere and had been adopted by most of the English speakers to refer to the sound of horse hooves.

In 2011, however a series of memes had started to surface about the series My Little Pony on the internet, all taking the sexuality of the ponies into consideration.

It was following this trend, that someone made the association of the words fapping and “clopping” and realized that the ponies must produce the latter sound while masturbating.

Urban Dictionary has definitions on the subject since 2010.

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