Come to Jesus Meeting


What does Come to Jesus Meeting mean?

Come to Jesus meeting is a popular expression both among religious and non-religious people, as its meaning is used both in a spiritual and secular way.

The phrase refers to a realization or turning point, whereby an individual becomes aware of their deficiencies, and see the right course of action that must be taken.

This may be interpreted literally too, as a “come to Jesus meeting” as someone finds the meaning of their life in Christianity.


What's the origin of Come to Jesus Meeting?

The expression emerged in the 19th century, as preachers were proselytizing people in an industrial world, to return to religion and to have a “come to Jesus meeting”.

By the 1970’s, the meaning shifted and its sense turned vaguer, describing any realization, hard discussion or decision which pushes people to be their better versions.

Spread & Usage

How did Come to Jesus Meeting spread?

Over the years, “come to Jesus meeting” became ever so popular, that bosses started having them with their unmotivated and inefficient workforce.

This fact became such a widespread phenomenon that during the 2010’s, “come to Jesus meeting” would be featured on numerous image macro memes.

The phrase was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2009.

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