Cotton mouth


What does Cotton mouth mean?

The meaning of the slang Cotton mouth is very familiar to all marijuana users. “Cotton mouth” is one of the most popular symptomps of consuming weed.

It isn’t only that one’s mouth gets very dry, but involves having bits of that so-called saliva slime and spit, mainly lining in the roof of your mouth, making the consumer feel like its literal cotton in his or her mouth.


What's the origin of Cotton mouth?

The origin of the term most probably comes from the feeling of the side effect.

When the consumer touches the roof of his or her mouth, it can most definitely feel like its cotton there, hence the name “cotton mouth”.

The term was advocated before the beginning of cannabis legalization that prompted the wide range of items found in dispensaries today, when just recreational smoking was the main method for use.

Spread & Usage

How did Cotton mouth spread?

Dry mouth as a reaction of smoking marijuana is very normal, and most allude to it as “cotton mouth,” however the scientific and correct name for the term is “xerostomia.”

The slang received a global presence with the help of the Internet, where people could share their funny, interesting stories about getting high.

However, the term is mainly used by teenagers and young adults.

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