What does Demiromantic mean?

Demiromantic is a type of romantic orientation where a person can only develop romantic feelings toward another if they already have a strong, emotional connection.

Demiromantic people don’t fall in love or have crushes on others like most people do. They need to have built up a great connection on other levels beforehand.

This sexual/romantic orientation belongs to the umbrella term “grey-romantic”, which is somewhere between romantic and aromantic.

There is a sexual variance of Demiromatic called Demisexual, which is based on the same concept, that a person must have a strong emotional connection prior to feeling any sexual interest in the other person.


What's the origin of Demiromantic?

Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) coined the term Demisexual in 2008.

“Demi” stems from latin meaning “divided in half”, as the romantic orientation is somewhere half between aromantic and romantic.

Aromantics, heteroromantics, homoromantics and many more romantic orientations are all based on the romantic attraction between people, countering the sexual attraction.

Spread & Usage

How did Demiromantic spread?

Demiromanticism is deeply penetrated into societal stereotypes, as culture often insists that you must have a strong emotional bond to someone to feel real love.

Women are especially targeted by this stereotype, but more often the Demisexual orientation, stating that women can only feel true sexual pleasure if sharing it with a partner whom they have a strong connection with, however, in many cases, this is false.

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