Divine Intervention


What does Divine Intervention mean?

Divine intervention is a phrase, especially utilized in religious or otherwise spiritual context, describing a miraculous turn of events, that has been put to effect by a higher being.

It is a popular tool in literature, known as deus ex machina.

“Divine intervention” always describes a deity intervening in the affairs of humans, from influencing the turn of events in the favor of someone to even directly manifesting before the eyes and ears of people.


What's the origin of Divine Intervention?

“Divine intervention” has a large history, going back to the classical era, appearing in theater plays, as well as the religions, such as Christianity.

In the English language, the theme started to appear in wider circles during the 14th century, referred to as divine providence, that is describing a guidance from God.

“Divine intervention” as a phrase started to appear in religious literature during the early 19th century, describing an act of God to stop a mishap from happening.

Spread & Usage

How did Divine Intervention spread?

The phenomenon had been discussed in philosophical circles as well as secular discourses, analyzing events that had appeared to be guided by a higher consciousness, notably occurrences of great distress, that had ended well.

The phrase had also been adopted into popular culture, through various mediums, such as songs, titled “Divine Intervention” from bands like Slayer and Backstreet Boys to the 2002 movie, directed by Elia Suleiman.

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